Redskins Safety Sean Taylor Voted To Pro Bowl Posthumously

SEAN TAYLOR VOTED TO PRO BOWL AFTER SHOOTING DEATH After being shot & killed at his home, Redskins safety Sean Taylor was posthumously voted to the Pro Bowl:

Sean Taylor Redskins

YAHOO! SPORTS passes out the rosters for the February all-star extravaganza in Honolulu, including the salute to the late Washington defensive back.Taylor was already a leading vote-getter before being shot at his Miami home and dying of his wounds last month. Sean is the first player to make an all-star team after his death since 1986, when Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh was voted to the NHL All-Star game 3 months after dying in a car accident.

In less morbid news, Dallas led all teams with 11 players elected to the NFC squad, while New England had 8 players placed on the AFC team.

Brett Favre quilt

Brett Favre will be starting for the NFC in his 9th Pro Bowl appearance. It’s the first time the Green Bay QB will be at Aloha Stadium since 2003.Curiously, 10-4 Jacksonville doesn’t have any Jaguars heading for Hawaii. Guess 10 wins in the AFC doesn’t go as far as it used to.