Cheerleaders Try To Chirp Up Some Fun In Cricket

The Washington Redskins cheerleaders are taking their act overseas, as the pom-pom girls of the NFL have been over in India, introducing their sideline entertainment to fans of cricket.

Redskins Cheerleaders in India for cricket

But as Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE points out, some of the locals are seeing red, while others like seeing the skin.

Partly from the WASHINGTON POST:

“They’re the only reason I am here. I wanted to treat myself,” declared Setty Bishum, 55. The crowd swept him along, but he shouted back one more observation: “It’s a new era for cricket — hooray for American cheerleaders!”

But the Post also reports that some think women should dress more modestly, adding, “Some TV pundits pointed out that the Redskins cheerleaders are showing more skin on the cricket pitch than most Indian men will see before marriage.”

Tantalizing Indian tennis star Sania Mirza knows first-hand how some of the more conservative cranks in her home country can raise a big stink about anything even remotely “scandalous“.

Sania Mirza Photos

The Redskins cheerleaders are in the South Asian nation to help train the cricket club’s own team of ravishing rah-rah girls. And some of the pros have been very impressed with the tryouts:

“The Indian girls who tried out so far were so beautiful and so good, they were practically better than us,” said Sharica Brown, 27, a Redskins cheerleader from Baltimore, as she snacked on a plate of nachos before the game at Bangalore’s Hard Rock Cafe.

However, it’s not the slow, stodgy traditional cricket that the cheerleaders are trying to bring life to. It’s a new faster-paced organization called the Indian Premier League, which is using such tactics as pom-pom girls to make the sport more exciting:

The league is also trying to win fans over to a shortened format of the game that is formally called “Twenty20,” known colloquially as “cricket on crack.” It condenses nearly a week of match play into three hours, with shorter “overs,” which are similar to innings in baseball.

Seems like they’re trying to do for cricket what arena football does for the gridiron game. Now, if lucky fans get to keep any wickets & stumps that fly into the stands, they may be on to something here.