Blog Jam: Redskins Cheerleaders at Hall of Fame

• UNCOACHED reveals the best sights seen at last weekend’s NFL Hall of Fame ceremonies - namely, those of the Redskins cheerleaders.

Redskins Cheerleaders at Hall of Fame

• YOU BEEN BLINDED tosses up a classic clip of Johnny Bench berating a reporter for asking him about Pete Rose.

• DEADSPIN is all shook up, as Elvis takes advantage of the wild, wet weather at Wrigley to thrill the crowd with a sequined slip ‘n’ slide show.

• PLAYING THE FIELD wonders what daily words of wisdom they could expect if Manny Ramirez had a blog.

• JOE SPORTS FAN deals up their own versions of limited-edition Brett Favre trading cards. Collect ‘em all!

• THE SCORES REPORT is concerned that now’s not the time for David Oritz & Joba Chamberlain to be hurting.

• And WICKED GOOD SPORTS realizes that if Big Papi gets sidelined, the Red Sox are looking at an all-white lineup.

• USA TODAY’s GAME ON takes a quick snip at the brewing scandal of MLB scouts skimming off of players’ signing bonuses.

• Now that the Sonics are Sooner State bound, SEATOWN SPORTS offer five alternatives for Seattle hoop fans to get their b-ball fix.