Reds Waste 11 Minutes of Keith Hernandez’s Time

Former Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin was inducted into the franchise’s Hall of Fame prior to Saturday’s game against the New York Mets. A member of the Reds for all 18 years of his baseball career, Larkin had a lot of people to thank for his success during his speech Saturday night. Too many people, if you ask Keith Hernandez.

Keith Hernandez

During the broadcast, the former first baseman who works alongside Gary Cohen as the voices of Mets baseball on SportsNet New York said, “Barry Larkin said everything in his speech, except I thought he was going to extend (George) Bush’s tax cuts.” That’s the kind of line you get out of Keith when Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David isn’t writing his material.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS called Hernandez and Cohen, who joined in on the rant, “condescending and petty.

The report adds, “Hernandez and Cohen contended the ceremony - ‘elongated’ by Larkin’s acceptance speech - might have an adverse affect on Oliver Perez. They said the pitcher could get cold and tight waiting in the dugout after completing his bullpen warmup.”

As Larkin stood and took applause from the Reds’ faithful following the ceremony, which was hosted by Marty Brennaman, Cohen called it “irresponsible“, while Hernandez chimed in with, “I don’t think they really anticipated Barry Larkin’s stump speech.”

In fairness to Keith, he either didn’t see the significance in being enshrined in to a club that calls Marge Schott a member, or he was just thinking, “I’m Keith Hernandez! I don’t have to wait 11 extra minutes to broadcast a game! I was MVP in 1979!