Reds Radio Guys Delaying Ballpark Calls For TV

Since the Cincinnati Reds took over selling ads for their radio broadcasts (the Big Red Ad Machine?), they’ve been looking for ways to increase revenue. The newest idea: syncing up the radio broadcasts with FSN Ohio television broadcasts to encourage people to take in both media sources, doubling the eyeballs by double-counting the senses.

Steve Bartman

This emphasizes the legendary team of Marty and Thom Brennaman at the cost of long-running TV team of George Grande and Chris Welsh. Also, people at the park can expect a delay of up to nine seconds between the action they just saw and the description by a Brennaman family member (as required by Ohio state law).

One fan asks, “It’s not as an enjoyable an experience, if they tell you on radio about the action after it happens. What’s the use of bringing a radio to the game?” She’ll understand, though, once she realizes she’s still 45 minutes ahead of Dusty Baker.

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