Reds Believe in Creationism of Radio Ad Dollars

We’ve mentioned before that the Cincinnati Reds are pulling out all the stops to encourage Reds fans to consume as much of their product as possible to help ad sales, including syncing up the radio and television portions of their broadcast to encourage consumers to take in ads for both. (Watch the TV ads; listen to the radio ads! We get paid for both!)

Ned Flanders hates museums

(Before the Reds expanded their advertising base)

We now have evidence the situation may be more dire than we previously thought. THE MEANINGFUL COLLATERAL reports the Reds, who sell their own radio ad time, have taken to playing ads for The Creation Museum. The Creation Museum advertises a “walk through history… this state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life.”

Regardless of your belief system, does that sound like the ad buy of a healthy radio program? We guess it could be, but it sounds a lot like the ad buy of another desperate Cincinnati radio station to us.