Red: ‘They’re Teaching Them How To Fall! Unreal!’

Stunning video find by AOL’s Tom Ziller at the blog BULLETS FOREVER:

The circa-1970s instructional film features Red Auerbach going absolutely ballistic over the practice of flopping: “Now remember, coaches today, in high school, college and pro are teaching the players how to fall. This is unreal! This segment is not aimed at referees, believe me. It’s aimed at coaches, it’s aimed at players. What are we going to do about it? Let’s clean this thing up. Let’s not hurt the game.”Auerbach also brings in cigarette-voiced (and longtime NBA official) Mendy Rudolph to give his opinion on the practice of fake-forced-falls.

Rudolph on former Washington Bullet (and longtime college coach) Clem Haskins flopping while trying to take a charge: “The officials on this play should ignore it totally to eliminate this kind of acting in our game.

This is truly as ironic a collection of moving pictures as exists above the earth’s mantle.

But of course, I’m more mesmerized by the skin-tight jerseys of Washington Bullets’ Elvin Hayes, Wes Unseld, Haskins, and someone named Mike Riordan. Not to mention Red’s dress shirt falling out of his Celtics jacket. And Rudolph looking like he just stumbled out of a corner dive bar with Earl Strom.

You just don’t get that kind of production value these days.