Red Stripe beer launched an ad campaign yeste…

Red Stripe beer launched an ad campaign yesterday featuring Lennox Lewis.

A 30-second TV spot features Lewis in a confrontation with Red Stripe’s Jamaican spokesperson also featured in the campaign.

The spot encourages viewers to visit the beer’s official website to watch Lewis and the ambassador box.

NEWSDAY has an interminable profile on future Monday Night Footballer Tony Kornheiser. I made it about halfway through the piece, before emptying all the vacuum cleaner bags in the house took priority.

Isn’t it curious that Kornheiser is reverse-backpacking his professional and personal life (he’s afraid to fly and will bus to all games) to join up with a rating-challenged, idiot-box sports property that is being banished from over-the-air to cable TV?

The combed-over one better be geared up to roll in a reconditioned Greyhound while ordering takeout from a Quad Cities Bennigans as Joe Theismann emits unremitting gas on his speakerphone.

Sounds like Satan’s test drive for the latest circle of hell.

I do have an idea for Kornheiser and ABC though to lessen his work and travel load: Hire Bill Murray and have him fill in for a few weeks - so long as you hire his hairdresser from Kingpin.

No one will notice (except the broadcast will be less east coast-centric and devoid of forced humor).