Papelbon’s Dog Eats Red Sox World Series Ball

FATE OF RED SOX WORLD SERIES BALL GONE TO THE DOGS: Soon after winning their 2nd World Series title in 4 years, the Boston Red Sox lost track of their final-out ball. Over a month later, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon finally found out the fate of the historic horsehide:

Baseball dog balance


My dog ate it.”
The HATTIESBURG (MS) AMERICAN chews on the news that the ball used in the final strikeout of the 2007 series became the off-season snack of Papelbon’s pet. Before the new revelations, catcher Jason Vartiek was last sighted with the ball. He said he gave it to Papelbon, who said he couldn’t find it. Unfortunately, his dog, Boss, did:

He jumped up one day on the counter and snatched it. He likes rawhide. He tore that thing to pieces.”

Much like what the Sox did to the Rockies in four games.

Red Sox World Series Final Out

On a southern side note, the AMERICAN also notes that the final series out came down to a Magnolia State showdown - pitcher Papelbon a graduate of Mississippi State, and Colorado hitter Seth Smith an alum of Ole Miss.

The SEC significance wasn’t lost on Pap. Oh, wait - It was:

I didn’t really think of him being from Ole Miss and me from Mississippi State. This was the big leagues. I was just trying to get him out.”