Red Sox Rooting For Yankees To Win Game 4 in Extra Innings

RED SOX ROOTING FOR THE YANKEES….WAIT, WHAAAT???: In a world where Stanford can beat USC, and Michigan can lose to a 1-AA school, can it also be possible for the Boston Red Sox to root for the Yankees?

Boston sucks Yankees suck

MSNBC senses some silliness from the Sox, but the Fenway folks are hoping the other AL divisional series goes as long as possible.

The Red Sox just completed a 3-game sweep over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, USA, North America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy…and would like to take a little time off before hitting the field again.

The Cleveland Indians lead their best-of-five series 2 games to 1 against New York, with Game 4 just underway. Third baseman Mike Lowell hopes they go the full five, so both teams “try to use their guys up, so we can be more rested than them.”

Joba Chamberlain Yankees bugs

When questioned about which team he would rather face, Terry Francona answered he would prefer if “they play for about another eight days and go 20 innings every game.”

*UPDATE*: Break time’s over, Boston. Back to work.