Red Sox Practice Everything, Including Winning

The Boston Red Sox didn’t complete the turnaround from national joke to World Champions by simply spending hundreds of millions of dollars on new players and an enhanced farm system. (That helped though. A lot. Like, 90%.)

Clay Buchholz has looked better

(We assume Clay has sent this man in his stead to protest the working conditions of the South Boston construction worker, a la Charlton Heston)

They also became winners by practicing relentlessly. Even Manny spends every waking hour practicing being Manny. By way of example, OUT IN CENTER FIELD has tracked down proof that the Red Sox staff even practice giving out World Series rings. One might think the Red Sox have a little practice at handing those out, but they take no chances.

We love that they walk through every part of the ceremony, from the ribbon scoreboards to unfurling the 2007 World Champions banner (though we do hope they take that one down before game time; having it on the Green Monster will give Manny even more fits than usual in left field).

We know it’s not meaningful in the long run, but it just adds to the impression that this team takes the extra step in every detail to ensure success, especially when it’s a ceremony about success. (Well, every detail except a backup catcher…)