Red Sox Owner Henry Set To Tear Down Frank McCourts 16 Million Dollar Estate

RED SOX OWNER WANTS TO DESTROY FRANK’S MCMANSION: The BOSTON HERALD reports that Red Sox owner John Henry recently purchased a $16M Boston-area estate belonging to Dodgers owner Frank McCourt.

The estate includes a 13,000-square-foot red brick Georgian Revival mansion and a 5,000-square-foot guest house on an adjacent lot.

Frank McCourt John Henry Brookline Estate

Henry’s plans for the property? Level it - at a cost of another $16M!

Herald: “McCourt and his wife, Jamie, spent heavily to renovate the home, but Henry has come to the conclusion that it is easier to start from scratch than to try to remake what is essentially a 1930s home, sources familiar with the planning say.

Frank McCourt John Henry Brookline Estate

Acquiring a demolition permit from the local Brookline (MA) community won’t be easy, as the historical society will surely want to preserve the 75-year-old main house. The Herald also reports that the house might be saved “if someone famous … lived in the house.”

The McCourts are the only residents we know about, so someone may as well cue the wrecking ball. On the bright side, if anyone has experience with tear-downs, it’s the McCourts.