Red Sox Owner Getting A Big Head; New Wife, Too

You’re allowed to be a little self-centered on your wedding day — it is your wedding day, after all. But the owner of the Red Sox, who got hitched this weekend at Fenway Park, crossed that fine line from egocentricity to megalomania.

John Henry Linda Pizzuti Bobbleheads

(Is it daddy-daughter bobblehead night? Oh.)

John Henry and his blushing bride handed out as a gift framed photos of the happy couple posed in front of the Green Monster and the World Series trophies, which would have been fine had it ended there. But as you can see from the photo, it didn’t end there.

Henry, 60, and Linda Pizzuti, 30, got married in front of 450 of their closest friends, including Alan Dershowitz, Theo Epstein, the Farrelly Brothers, Bud Selig, Ken Burns and Larry David. Their wedding band was Maroon 5. If this wasn’t already the strangest wedding of all time, get a load of the party favors.

Yep, those are bobblehead versions of Henry and Pizzuti. Try to contain your excitement.

A good number of the guests we able to, as the BOSTON HERALD reports that many of the bobbleheads were left behind at the ballpark. So if your invitation got lost in the mail and you just can’t live without these monstrosities, you ought to set up an eBay alert now.