Red Sox Now Annoying In Orchestral Manner, Too

When you think classy fanbases, the first thing that pops into your head is the Boston Red Sox, right? Uh, OK, maybe not, but they certainly are getting a whole lot more pretentious all of a sudden. If you really want to anger the Yankee fan in your life, send them a copy of the Boston Pops’ new “Red Sox Album.”

Papelbon Boston Pops

(Paps dances to the Pops)

Pops conductor Keith Lockhart has wanted to do a Sox-themed recording for a while now, and finally got his wish. So, if you’ve been dying to hear an orchestra rendition of the Dropkick Murphys’ “I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” you’re in luck. David Ortiz even appears on the album.

Fortunately, Ortiz doesn’t actually sing or play a tuba or anything, they just used the crack of his bat to fill in for the cymbal crash in a John Philip Sousa march.

The BOSTON HERALD explains what’s going on:

Songs were recorded during Pops concerts last spring. They’ll be reprised May 21-23 at Symphony Hall. And, yes, there’s Neil Diamond’s inexplicable Sox anthem, “Sweet Caroline,” along with the Dropkick Murphys’ “I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” Jonathan Papelbon’s favorite dance track and the Pops’ first foray into punk rock.

“It’s Celtic-punk rock,” Lockhart said. “It’s not hard for us to produce that kind of song. The Dropkicks thought it was very cool that an orchestra was recording their song. The orchestra can be a loud thing, too, especially if you mass it all in one place. It doesn’t call for a great deal of subtlety.”

Boy, that’s just fantastic. Maybe Papelbon can do his embarrassing jig in a suit now instead of his underwear:

The album will be available by opening day, when the Sox take on the defending AL champion Tampa Bay Rays (doesn’t that still look weird?).