Red Sox Missing Final-Out Ball From 2007 World Series Championship

“I THOUGHT YOU HAD IT!” “NO, I THOUGHT YOU HAD IT!”: The Boston Red Sox are once again world champions. Now if they could only find the final-out baseball:

Red Sox final out

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED strikes out news that the historic horsehide is AWOL. Catcher Jason Varitek was the last one seen to have it, as he tucked the ball into his back pocket after Jonathan Papelbon struck out the last Rockies batter.But after the Game 4 clincher, Varitek said he gave the ball to Papelbon, claiming, “It’s out of my hands.” However, Papelbon’s agent said the player doesn’t know where it is.

Jonathan Papelbon kilt Red Sox celebration

Paps might have dropped it while he was shaking and jiving to the joyous Boston crowd during Tuesday’s World Series parade. Too bad kilts don’t have pockets.If the ball doesn’t turn up, maybe team owner John Henry can borrow another one from Doug Mientkiewicz.