Red Sox Fan To Spend 270 Days In Jail For Battery

Over the last few years has there been a sports fan whose been more annoying than the Boston sports fan? They used to be someone folks from all over the country could relate to thanks to the constant heartbreak they seemed to suffer year after year, but they would always remain loyal. Then the Patriots started to win Super Bowls and some cockiness really started to emerge, but it was manageable. When the Red Sox finally broke through and won a World Series, however, Beantowners started to become insufferable.

David Hackman

In essence, they became everything that they’d always hated: Yankees fans. To make it even worse, though, they started popping up everywhere. As a result, fans from around the country turned on them and started to treat them as the enemy. Wherever they went they would be serenaded with the chants of “Boston sucks!”, much like they themselves would chant “Yankees suck!” no matter where they were. Well, many Boston fans weren’t sure how to respond to these changes. Some just let it slide knowing that it comes with the territory of being successful, while others respond more violently by throwing people down a flight of concrete stairs.

From the O.C. REGISTER:

A Boston Red Sox fan who grabbed an Angels fan and threw him down on concrete stairs after he was bopped on the head with a balloon “thunderstick” following a 2004 playoff game was sentenced today to 270 days in jail for battery.

David Hackman, 37, a former deputy sheriff in San Benito County, sat handcuffed to a chair as Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly also placed him on three years formal probation and ordered him to enroll in and complete an anger management course.

[District Attorney Israel] Claustro contended during a three-week trial last year that Hackman used excessive force when he retaliated with an “intentional, vicious” attack on [Daniel] Slama after he was taunted by the chant “Boston sucks” during the game, and then bopped on the head by someone with one of those noisemaking balloons.

Now this incident took place before the Red Sox won their first World Series which makes the behavior somewhat surprising, but at the same time, those thundersticks are incredibly annoying. What’s even more incredible is that Hackman acted this way after a Red Sox victory over the Angels.

Hackman chased after Slama in the seats before throwing him down the stairs, causing Slama to fracture his skull, break two vertebrae, and suffer a concussion. Hackman’s defense during the trial was that he didn’t attack Slama at all, but rather, tried to detain him.

The former cop’s side of the story stated that he merely chased after Slama to hold him until security showed up, but that Slama was so drunk and high that he lost his balance and fell backwards down the stairs. Obviously, the jury in the trial didn’t believe him.