Blogs: Red Sox Catcher Jason Varitek Salutes Bill Cosby With Sweater Choice

• BOSTONIST finds Jason Varitek giving a nod to Bill Cosby, shown by the World Series catcher’s choice of sweater:

Jason Varitek Cosby sweater

• MONDESI’S HOUSE shows former Steeler Chukwun Okobi displaying his Super Bowl ring in style.• MAXIM doesn’t believe what they just saw, as they list their choices of the most fantastic sports finishes.

• Sacre bleu! WAY OFFSIDE learns that Quebec politicians are mad that the captain of the Montreal Canadiens doesn’t speak French.

Saku Koivu Canadiens

The following night, Bell Centre fans were treated to a pre-recorded message from the Habs’ on-ice leader: “Ici Saku Koivu, voici mon equipe.”• Ray Ratto of the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE wants more pep from Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh.

• CONSTRUDA gets down with a couple of white boys pretending to be Charles Barkley doing the Soulja Boy.

• The BAYLOR UNIVERSITY LARIAT catches up with the only good football player they’ve had (besides punter Daniel Sepulveda) - “Saumrai Mike” Singletary:

Mike Singletary

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS has yet another candidate for SEC Cheap Shot of The Year, courtesy of the Florida Gators.• SERIOUS SPORTS NEWS NETWORK asks for signatures, as USC petitions ESPN to keep their “dynasty” label.