Red Sox Beefing Up Security After Racist Threats

As if tensions weren’t already high enough between the Red Sox & Rays this week, some Boston ballplayers now have to worry about racist threats.

Red Sox Rays fight

Jeff Horrigan of the BOSTON HERALD reports that security has been beefed up for the Red Sox during their three-game trip to St. Petersburg starting tonight. The reason for the precautions are due to a threatening letter sent to the team that singled out black & Latino players, which also mentions two specific players by name.

The letter is believed postmarked from Memphis, TN, and authorities are currently looking for the suspect - a former Baltimore resident living in the Memphis area. In the meantime:

The Sox are sending at least two of their top security officials, while another security team is due from MLB’s office in New York. The FBI and police departments in St. Petersburg, Boston, Memphis and Baltimore have been apprised of the threats, which are a federal crime.

In addition, the two players named in the letter have been informed, and will likely be accompanied by extra security away from Tropicana Field.

The letter is probably just a bunch of incoherent rants from some idiot, complete with numerous misspellings. And really, who actually mails a letter these days? This moron probably can’t even figure out how to use a Commodore 64, much less figure out e-mail.

Still, with so many nuts out there, it’s better to be safe than sorry.