Red Bull, Vodka and High Jumping Do Not Mix Well

If you look through the annals of sports history, you’ll find that alcohol has had a hand in many of our fondest sports memories: David Wells has “half drunk” (or maybe just hungover) during his perfect game in ‘98, Joe Namath became a hero to a new generation after drunkenly sexually harassing Suzy Kolber, and without alcohol we wouldn’t even care about Kyle Orton. And now, ladies and gents, we’d like to introduce a brand new entry in the Alcoholic Athlete Hall of Fame: Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov.

Old timey high jumper

(Obviously not Ivan, but an awesome photo anyway)

At some track competition called the Lausanne Grand Prix, Ukhov tried to clear the high jump bar while he was completely smashed! And you better believe there’s video after the jump.

FANHOUSE has the details of the story:

It hasn’t been reported in the English-language media, but in other countries the stories say that he was jumping under the influence of Red Bull and vodka. Here’s a very rough translation of the first two paragraphs of this Norwegian news article:

“The rest of us would drink Red Bull under competition, but a Swedish track official says one competitor drank the Red Bull with vodka. …

Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov is one of the top jumpers in the world , but he appeared drunk during the entire competition.”

Well, this certainly won’t end the stereotype that all Russians are insane drunks who down vodka like water.¬†Not that the stereotype was ever really in question¬†after the revelation that Soda Popinski wasn’t really drinking soda pop at all.

Drink on, comrades!