Recycler: Doug Collins To Be Named Bulls Coach

K.C. Johnson of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE follows up today on a recent report from KTAR-AM out of Phoenix that Doug Collins will be named the next head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

Doug Collins

Sources confirmed the former Bulls coach is expected to become the new Bulls coach. Collins coached the Bulls from 1986-89 and, as recently as two weeks ago, talked about not wanting to leave his TNT broadcasting job and the family life it afforded him.

But Collins’ extremely close relationship with Paxson, friendship with team Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf (who fired Collins) and the Bulls winning the draft lottery have changed his mind, sources said.

Collins you may remember was the man Michael Jordan forced out as Bulls coach in 1989, just before Phil Jax was brought in, and the team’s dynasty ensued.

How this is supposed to get Bulls fans excited, I don’t really know. Paxson and Reinsdorf are bringing in someone they are very comfortable with, and based on the two’s track record the past few seasons, they would be my final sign to cancel season seats.