Recruit’s Dad: UT Recruiting Coeds Not That Hot

Reax is spilling out since the NEW YORK TIMES published a piece on possible recruiting violations involving University of Tennessee football recruiting ‘hostesses’.

Tennesee Recruiting Hostesses

(Photo Credit: The Angry T)

Byrnes (SC) High School defensive end Brandon Willis said the hostesses “did not influence” his decision to commit to the Vols and that he had already committed to UT before the hostesses attended one of his high school games.

“The (female students) came to a football game. They came on their own and left on their own. I didn’t have anything to do with it. It has to do with Tennessee. I was committed before (the hostesses) came to the game.”

More funny interesting was the reax of Gary Willis, the father of Brandon.

“My intentions for my son are not about girls. If I was sending my son to school for girls, I would send him somewhere other than Tennessee. If I was going to send him to school for women, I’d send him to the West Coast.”


I went to school at the University of Georgia and covered SEC college football as a mainstream media member for four years. I did the same at USC here in Los Angeles for three years, so I think I’m pretty qualified to make a judgement on that myself.

Overall, USC has cuter coeds but the SEC recruiting hostesses are hotter than what the Pac-1o rolls out. Football is more important to the culture of southern schools than on the west coast, so the hottest girls on SEC campuses make it more of a priority to “avail themselves” to team’s recruiting coordinators.