Rebound! Jamie McCourt Has New, Secret Lover

TMZ posted photos today it claims are of Jamie McCourt and her new boyfriend, a gent named Jeff Fuller.

Todd Fuller Jamie McCourt's new boyfriend

(Jeff on the left)

We got these pictures of Jamie yesterday, lunching in Malibu with Jeff Fuller — the new guy in her life. Now, in the awkward department, until recently Jeff was the Director of Protocol for the Dodgers.

We’re told Jamie and Fuller began seeing each other after she split with Frank. Fuller was fired from the Dodgers in omid-October.

So Fuller just “recently” left the Dodgers and only started “seeing” Jamie after her split with Frank McCourt? Their timing is uncanny!

Jamie McCourt’s new man, Jeff Fuller

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Jamie is reported to be meeting with L.A.’s well-monied elite in a bid to raise the cash to buy out Frank as sole owner of the Dodgers. Mr. Fuller just so happens to be an heir to the Pillsbury fortune, so perhaps mixing business with pleasure?

As I’ve reported before, Jamie in the past has looked into running for public office in SoCal, so her donor connections may give her a head start on Frank in drumming up the necessary capital to take over the team.

Frank of course “fired” her last week as CEO of the club, but that move is meaningless. The judge, not Frank or MLB, will decide who gets the Dodgers as part of the future divorce settlement.

And what’s the odds Fuller ends up back with the Dodgers if Jamie gets the team? Like any chief executive, Jamie will need someone close by to help her blow off steam.