Reason For Breen’s Band-Aided Standup Revealed

I, like you, have had a field day mocking the mismatched NBA Finals broadcast team of Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson. When Breen isn’t facilitating forced humor attempts between the three, he’s giving us band-aided standups:

Mike Breen Band Aid

Thanks to some intrepid investigation by Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS, we now know the reason for the bandage.


Breen told us this morning that he’d smacked his head against the corner of the bathroom door in the hotel room as he shutting off the lights and leaving for the game, and the scalp wouldn’t stop bleeding.

He was across the street from a hospital, but didn’t think it was necessary to go there. He ended up getting a couple stitches from the Celtics’ team trainer and had to wear the bandage because it continued to bleed. No makeup could fix it — in fact, if makeup had gotten into it, there could have been infection.

I often wonder why any announcer, besides the ladies, feels the need for makeup. You think I care if your forehead is shiny? Or that your receding widow’s peak hasn’t been colored in?

The reason everyone guffawed over the band-aid episode is that it was an excuse to pile on the utterly forgettable broadcast Breen had been anchoring.

On a more serious note, Hoffarth also reports Breen recently had some skin cancer on his neck removed. For that, we’ll save the punch lines.

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