Readers React Violently To Cardinals’ Kissy-Kissy

Columnist Pam Platt of the LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL reports on the profoundly negative reaction from readers over a recently published photo by the paper of Univ. of Louisville players Jerry Smith and Juan Palacios:

Louisville Basketball Kiss

Reader reax: “Awful,” an embarrassment,” “horrible decision,” “poor judgment,” “distasteful,” “a mystery” and “shame on you.”

Many 700 Club viewers readers actually demanded an apology. But Platt said there will be none. She also talked to the editors who selected and approved the photo for an explanation on what they were thinking.

Excerpt: “After looking at all the game photos submitted for publication and online posting, Bryan settled on the Palacios/Smith shot that was printed because the picture showed the game’s top scorers and it showed them in a moment of celebration, with one congratulating the other.

Bryan made the selection, but he said four other editors looked at the photo and no one raised any red flags.

Once the picture was published, we started hearing from readers who begged to differ with the selection. If the editor saw celebration, some readers saw a kiss.

Much ado about nothing. Anyone who’s ever been to Louisville knows that the most prominent of its citizens have no problem with the photos.