RBI Baseball Could Return; Neneh Cherry Next?

KOTAKU scanned the list of upcoming games rated by the ESRB for naughtiness and found a new game apparently coming out for Xbox Live Arcade that made our pre-teen self clap his hands gleefully and tape up his thumbs to protect against Atari thumb: RBI Baseball is on the remake trail, baby!

RBI Baseball

The original, a Nintendo staple in the Tuffy household, worked the split-screen magic to allow users to play with their real baseball heroes (all of whom were Gaedel-sized and curiously one-shaded) for hours on end every summer day while Tuffy’s mother cajoled him to play baseball outside while it’s still nice out or else you’ll turn into a pasty white blogger when you grow up.

We don’t know if we’ll be able to handle an update, of course; we want Leon Durham on our team or we’re walking away from this deal. More importantly, though, we like the notion of a new baseball game with low demands on the user and easy replay value.

No huge seasons, no major blockbuster trades… let us just smack the ball around a bit and stare at our friend to make sure he doesn’t see what pitch we called. And don’t tell Mom; she’ll just cluck her tongue at us and roll her eyes. We’re going outside this week, Mom; honest!

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