Razorback Gets Scooter Slammed for Loose Lips

If we’ve sorted out this sordid tale from Razorback country correctly, the lesson to be learned from the following events is this: be sure you don’t make out with anyone whose significant other owns a motor vehicle bigger than yours. Words to live by, we suppose.

Shriner on a scooter

University of Arkansas backup linebacker Wendel Davis was arrested Tuesday afternoon for repeatedly putting his fists and feet into the exterior of a Nissan Altima that rear-ended his scooter in a traffic accident in Fayetteville. Davis was arrested for felony criminal mischief because he did over $3000 worth of damage with his limbs.

As it turns out, though, the driver of the Altima allegedly rammed him on purpose. Why?

Davis made out with his girlfriend last weekend, that’s why. (According to Davis, anyway.) The rammer, one Onyebuchi Odunukwe, then proceeded to track Davis down near the football stadium to challenge him (as seen by multiple athletic department staff that had to break up the fracas) and send threatening text messages. Odunukwe is now jailed for those actions.

Consider this our advice to you, exceptional reader, for this holiday weekend. Don’t drink and drive, be careful with fireworks, and (again) don’t make out with anyone whose significant other drives a motor vehicle bigger than yours.

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