Razorback Fans Hysteria Over Houston Nutt Completely Ignored By Main Media

MEDIA IGNORES HYSTERIA ENVELOPING HOUSTON NUTT: Unless you read Deadspin or live in Wal-Mart country “Always Low Prices, Always!”, you are missing the wacky, weirdiful case of Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt vs. the school’s hilariously hysterical fans.

Houston Nutt Donna Bragg Diana Nutt

Said Razorback followers lately have put ‘Bama football and UK basketball fans to shame, by legally acquiring Nutt’s phone records (he text local TV personality Donna Bragg over 2,000 times!), which caused Nutt’s wife Diana to go on an invective-filled online tirade.

Nutt has also been accosted by a loon fan at practice (captured on video, of course) and his every step with players like recently-transferred Mitch Mustain has been tracked by web-based bloodhounds.

It’s probably the biggest story in the history of college football to be completely ignored by the main media, which is startling considering that that sort of thing never happens, especially when an independent website breaks sports news.

So in this case, Deadspin trumpeting the intrigue that has netted Nutt has nothing to do with the dinosaur media completely ignoring it.