Report: Allen’s Daughter Diagnosed With Diabetes

After Boston’s 103-98 loss to the Lakers Sunday night, Ray Allen didn’t stick around Staples Center for long, instead getting quickly dressed and leaving the arena before chatting with the media.

Ray Allen Paul Pierce Celtics

But Allen could be excused for blowing off the post-game press: He just learned that his daughter had been diagnosed with diabetes.

First, the BOSTON GLOBE’S CELTICS BLOG passed along this official statement released by Doc Rivers after the game, explaining Allen’s sudden departure:

“Ray Allen was forced to leave Staples Center at the conclusion of tonight’s game due to a health issue with one of his children. We ask that you please respect Ray’s privacy at this time, and we’ll keep you up to date as best we can moving forward.”

Then THE LAKERS NATION and CELTICS NEWS both followed up with reports that the child in question is daughter Tierra, and the issue is diabetes.

Tierra Allen Ray Allen daughter

Tierra is currently a freshman at Crestwood High School in South Carolina. Last December, Patrick Obley of the COLUMBIA STATE wrote a profile on Ray’s daughter trying to follow in her dad’s sneakers as a member of the girls’ basketball team.

Although there is no cure to the disease, many athletes like Jay Cutler and Adam Morrison have proven that diabetes doesn’t always destroy an athletic career.

We sincerely hope for the best for Tierra & the Allen family.

*UPDATE*: Oops! Wrong kid! We still wish the best for the Allen family, but we’re pretty positive they’re feeling really great now.