Odd Rule Locks Ravens QB Out Of Camp ‘Til June

Baltimore Ravens QB and incoming second-round pick Joe Flacco will have one more obstacle to overcome in competing for the starting job this fall.

Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco

An obscure rule will force him to sit out the rest of the month, essentially deactivating him until June.


Under an agreement between the NFL and the NCAA, a player is limited to one minicamp with an NFL team before the school year is over. Final exams at the University of Delaware won’t end until May 30. Flacco falls under the rule, even though he has already withdrawn from the university.

Flacco already played in the mandatory minicamp last weekend, so he is barred from team activities for the rest of May. He is expected to take part in the rookie minicamp, which is scheduled for June.

What kind of rule is that? I don’t see how players already committed to NFL teams are hurt by going to more than one minicamp in a given month, especially since Flacco has said adieu to UD. At least Joe can look forward to a reprieve to rest up for the next team brawl at the rookie camp. Stick and move! Stick and move!