Ravens Lineman Sells Screenplay To Movie Studio

When thinking about pro athletes pursuing a second career in the arts (rapping), one can’t help (rapping) but notice (rapping) that there’s (rapping) a certain familiar element (rapping) to it all (please make them stop rapping). So it’s pleasant to see the Ravens’ stalwart on the defensive line, Trevor Pryce, taking the game to a new, less immature level; as the BALTIMORE SUN reported, Pryce is an accomplished screenwriter, having sold his first script to Sony.

Trevor Pryce lounging
(No, the movie is not about barbecue potato chips. But it should be.)

So what’s Pryce’s movie going to be about? A football team full of drug addicts and womanizers, on the brink of calamity? Life on the street for a drug dealer? Rocky VII? Well, close; how about a children’s movie about wishes?

It’s a story that can make any prospective writer blind with envious rage. Pryce’s first script stems from idle musing at a mall with his young daughter, who wondered what would happen if the pennies (and their attached dreams) were mixed up in a wishing well. A few conversations with agents later, and Pryce is writing a treatment for Mike Fleiss, creator of The Bachelor. Wondering what a treatment is? Well, so did Trevor:

“I didn’t even know what a treatment was,” the soft-spoken, 6-foot-5, 290-pound Pryce said recently, crouching low on a wooden stool in front of his locker. “I Googled ‘How to write a treatment’ and it didn’t seem too hard. It didn’t seem like rocket science. I thought, ‘I can do this.’”

Well no, Trevor, there’s nothing approaching aviatronics involved with writing a treatment, but we get your point. Incidentally, I too googled “how to write a treatment,” and it just took me here. Okay, no it didn’t. But it should have.

As Pryce explains later, he’s actually got three stories on the market; the kids’ story was picked up by Sony, another movie has been sold but can’t be divulged, and the story Pryce considers his best is still on the market. While Pryce probably won’t be retiring for another few years, it’s good to see that he’s already got a sprinting start on the rest of his life. And best of all: he isn’t rapping.