Cheerleader Dodges Death, Makes Calendar Cover

Back-to-back titles — so rare in the NFL, except if you’re Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Adriene B. The Ravens don’t give out full names of their cheerleaders (although Adriene was a cheerleader at South Carroll High and the University of Maryland, so any of you Cavaliers or Terrapins who know her might want to check in). Anyway, she made back-to-back covers of the Ravens’ cheerleader calendar, a great accomplishment indeed.

Adriene B Ravens cheerleader

But professional cheerleading is also fraught with danger. Aside from the clumsy groping of drunken fans and of course Joe Flacco’s scattershot passing accuracy, there’s also the terror of wild deer! Leaving her home home town of Mt. Airy, MD, to catch a flight for the calendar shoot in the Dominican Republic last year, she hit a deer, which went through her windshield.

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Adriene B Ravens cheerleader

She remembers driving on Md. 32 from Mount Airy to College Park, ready to grab her luggage and head for the airport, when she struck a deer and it burst through her windshield. The glass and roof of her car came down on her, she said, but somehow Adriene was unscathed and walked about a mile in a rainstorm to find help.

She made it to Punta Cana, and when she got back her coaches told her she’d be gracing the cover.

Adriene B Ravens cheerleader

“They don’t know how I survived the accident,” Adriene said. “They said an angel must have come down and grabbed me, held on to me. Then I found out about the cover. It was definitely worth it.”

So this year, the Ravens brought in more animals to potentially menace her. Dolphins, to be exact: The 2009 calendar shoot was in the Bahamas, with Adriene one of the five cheerleaders on the cover.

She was at McDaniel College on Friday morning to publicize the team’s latest swimsuit calendar, which debuted while the Ravens held their first full practice before a large crowd of excited football fans. Adriene and four other cheerleaders posed for photos and signed items, everything from jerseys and hats to notebooks and posters.

Adriene B Ravens cheerleader

And the new calendar, of which she’s one of five bikini-clad Ravens cheerleaders on the cover.

Adriene B Ravens cheerleader

Last year, when the Ravens unveiled their inaugural cheerleader swimsuit calendar, Adriene went solo on the cover in a powder-blue bikini.

Kudos to Adriene for the cover repeat - although she has to share some of the spotlight this year.