Rasheed, Pistons Throw In Towel Against Celtics

And now we have an NBA Finals. It’s Boston vs. LA. The Celtics sat in the final musical chair before the NBA took the needle off the record with their 89-81 victory in Game 6 last night. (A second road win! How quaint.) The Pistons bowed out gracefully in three straight Eastern Conference finals in Buffalo Billsian fashion. Although I don’t know if the Bills had anyone throw a temper quite like Rasheed Wallace:

Wallace picked up his fifth foul with 9:04 left in the game, and rather than pick up his 7th technical, he decided to channel that frustration away from the refs and toward the camera man. If you can’t hear that audio too well — it was a little dampened — it sounded something like “get that stuck camera out of my face.” Well if it was stuck, Mr. Wallace, how can he really get it out of the way? If he does pull the camera out, does the camera man become King of England?

So now we have the matchup everyone’s wanted this entire time. The ghosts of Bill Russell vs. the echoes of Magic Johnson. Throw some zombies in there and you’ve got yourself guaranteed NBA Finals ratings.

On the surface, the Lakers have to be the predominant favorite, because they’ve had little trouble slicing through the first three rounds in four, six, and five games respectively, while it’s taken the Celtics 20 games to reach this point — five more than the Lakers. Los Angeles is deeper, not to mention better rested, for the final round. It all kicks off Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.