Randy Moss Proving Critics Wrong And Right

• PRAY FOR MOJO learns how Randy Moss is proving his critics wrong…and proving them right:

Randy Moss Patriots Dolphins

• DAN SHANOFF recommends that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED fills their back page hole by hiring DEADSPIN’s Will Leitch

• 100% INJURY RATE celebrates Father’s Day a little early, as they deliver a new list of sports stars with illegitimate offspring.

• THE BIZ OF BASEBALL tosses us news that the Indians’ C.C. Sabathia was named the 2007 Players’ Choice Most Outstanding AL Pitcher:

C.C. Sabathia Indians pitcher

No doubt the ballet box was stuffed by Red Sox sluggers.

• THE INDEPENDENT FLORIDA ALLIGATOR hopes wonders if a two-loss team can make it to the BCS Championship.

• THE ANGRY T jiggles their joystick with glee, as they have come up with the ultimate college video game.

• BIG TEN TAILGATE finds at least one Michigan State Spartan that knows how to handle the Buckeyes:

Michigan State fan Brutus Buckeye

• OFF WING OPINION tunes in to unbelievable news that Blackhawks home games may actually be shown on Chicago TV.

• What can a Brown do for you? Gisele can have Tom, The LADIES… will take Cleveland QB Derek Anderson.

• This wasn’t in the newsletter: THE WIZARD OF ODDS goes for two, as Dennis Franchione gets carded:

Secret VIP Emails From Franchione To Boosters

• BEARS GAB hears word that Chicago DT Tommie Harris is predicting a win this week against the Lions.

• The BRATTLEBORO (VT) REFORMER comes of age, as they compare the old fogey Red Sox and the young whipper- snapper Rockies.