Randy Moss In Trouble, But Is It The Same Guy?

PRO FOOTBALL TALK came across a report from WDBO radio in Florida that Randy Moss was given a restraining order against a woman who says he assaulted her.

Randy Moss point

The order, issued by Broward County, means that Moss cannot come within 500 yards of the woman, nor can he use or possess firearms.

Looks like the Pats’ receiver is in trouble again. Or is he?

The original story that was first reported on WDBO’s website has been taken down.

Meanwhile, ROTOWORLD tracks down a court document from January 14 that does list a “Randy G. Moss” accused of “dating violence”. But as the site reports, “Outside of WDBO radio’s intial report, there is no telling if the Randy G. Moss in the court document is the same Randy G. Moss that plays wide receiver for the New England Patriots.

Rotoworld further notes that Moss the Patriot is married, although he does have an offseason home in nearby Boca Raton.

So, is it a massive cover-up by the Patriots & the NFL to remove any tarnish from a perfect season? Or a case of someone having the same name as an NFL player?

As IBM used to say during ‘Monday Night Football’ - You Make The Call.

*UPDATE: If you guessed ‘C: Moss claiming extortion‘, you made the right call.