Randy Couture’s Wife Gets Bashed And Bloodied

Kim Couture, the wife of martial arts superstar Randy Couture, had her first pro fight in the octagon last weekend.

kim Couture mixed martial arts

The 33-year-old Couture squared off against Kim Rose, also making her pro debut. The fight was so ridiculously one-sided that some are suggesting that the fight might have set the sport’s perception back to its early days - when MMA was near the edge of being banned in every state.

Kim Rose MMA

(Kim Rose)

Couture was outclassed from the start in a brutal first round. From YAHOO! SPORTS (via COMBAT LIFESTYLE):

The bell rang and Kim Rose rushed in. With a quick flurry of punches, an uppercut found its mark within 5 seconds and had Couture collapsing on the ground. Referee rushed in, ready to stop the bout, but Couture was able to find her bearings and fight back. For the entire 3 rounds, Dave Mandel and I watched as she fought the fight, but wasn’t quite “all there”. She took a beating, although didn’t ever give up, and fought back and gave a beating of her own.

After all was said and done, we were told that the first uppercut split her jaw in two, and the left side was hanging about a quarter of an inch lower than the right. She fought the ENTIRE fight like that, not quitting or giving up. She took a NUMBER of punches to the face, as well as got caught in a few guillotines that for SURE stressed on her jaw. Even an elbow at the throat pushed against the bone had to be excruciating.

The bloody battle left many wondering how this fight was put together in the first place:

Why was this bout fought with three, five minute rounds? We just watched the much more experienced Gina Carano battle Kaitlin Young with three, three minute rounds in place.

There is no better commission than Keith Kizer and Co. in Nevada. So if it erred in allowing Kim Couture to fight, it’s scary to think the kind of matches that could be put together with inexperienced female fighters around the country but lesser qualified commissions.

The sport would be obliterated by the mainstream sports and news media if there were ever a female death in the cage or ring. This should serve as a serious warning.

Brutal, but there’s no slowing down MMA now. It’s become too popular, and too many mainstream outlets are carrying MMA fights. And, as morbid as it sounds, beatdowns are fun. Hopefully, there won’t be more than blood loss and broken jaws. That’s plenty of nasty for most of us.