Rams Using Military Promo To Fill Stadium? Yecch

Some people have their way of supporting the troops (Note to self: Do not annoy Jay Glazer. He knows MMA moves and writes messages on bombs.). And others have their own ways. Take the St. Louis Rams, for instance. Desperate to fill their stadium this weekend so that their game with the Saints isn’t blacked out locally, they’re offering an unsavory exciting new promotion.

For every ticket to Sunday’s game you buy, the Rams will donate another ticket to someone in the military to see a future Rams game. Which brings to mind the obvious question: Haven’t our men and women in uniform suffered enough?


With more than 2,000 tickets remaining for Sunday’s home game with New Orleans, the Rams have undertaken an unusual initiative to sell out the Edward Jones Dome. For every ticket purchased this week, the Rams will donate one ticket to the military. It’s part of the Rams’ Salute to Veterans Day on Sunday at the dome.

The Rams have until Thursday afternoon to meet NFL sellout requirements. Otherwise the game will not be televised locally.

So all that I can get out of this is that the Rams are pulling at our heartstrings to get to our purse strings. If I’m wrong about this, please let me know … but couldn’t the Rams honor our veterans by simply giving them the tickets? This promotion seems particularly callous and unworthy of the NFL, a league which has so many positive moves with charitable endevours.

Now it’s Veterans Day, and all I can think of is what would happen if Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur were in charge of our military strategy overseas. (Pulls blanket to chin, whimpers).