Rams Cheerleaders Are Gorgeous, Heavily Armed

If there’s a scarier notion than an NFL cheerleader with a loaded high-powered rifle, it can only be a St. Louis Rams cheerleader with a loaded high-powered rifle. The Rams cheerleaders visited Afghanistan in Sept. to cheer up the troops and take a few potshots at local insurgents (below). They also, according to the story I read, were allowed to hold mortar shells. Oh Christ.

I was aware that most NFL teams have sent their cheerleading squads to Middle East war zones to boost the moral of our soldiers … the Buffalo Bills girls even cavorted in one of Saddam Huessein’s palaces earlier this year. But I had no idea they were allowed to handle the weaponry.

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(This can’t be good)

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Five Rams cheerleaders visited Marines of 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment at the Forward Operating Base Delaram, Afghanistan, recently. But I can’t tell you exactly when; that’s classified.

While being shown around the base the cheerleaders talked and took pictures with Marines they met. They also gave out posters they had autographed.

“It really shows their character – being willing to come out here and do what they do,” Service Company Gunnery Sgt. Joshua T. Laverty said. “I’m really thankful for their generosity. What they do really helps boost morale.”

They were shown the mortar pits and given an exhibition on the unit’s adopted weapon system, the 120mm mortar, normally organic to the Army. During the exhibition of the 120mm system the cheerleaders had their photos taken with the mortarmen while holding some of the 120 mm rounds.

Of course it’s a cause for concern when anyone associated with the Rams is found holding artillery ammunition. But I suppose the Marines know what they’re doing.

Kudos to the NFL, the Rams and the ladies for doing this. We kind of take these trips for granted these days, but we shouldn’t.