Rampage Opts For ‘A-Team’ Movie Over UFC 107?

I want to be a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, I really do. But every time they just about have me won over, something like this pops up to remind me that it may not be totally ready for prime time. How am I supposed to take a sport seriously whose biggest controversy is whether or not Quinton Rampage Jackson is going to star in “The A-Team”?

Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans

Jackson, of course, was supposed to meet Rashad Evans at the UFC 107 main event on Dec. 12 — infamous foreshadowing in the photo above and video below. But Rampage has been scrapped from the card because, according to UFC president Dana White, he has a feature role in the new A-Team movie.

And that seems to be big news in UFC circles. Some sources report that Jackson is playing the role of B.A. Baracus, made popular on television by Mr. T. MTV, however, says it’s not true, and that such reports are “nonsense” and “insane.”

Meanwhile, THE VANCOUVER SUN reports that someone in that city, where the film is currently being shot, Tweeted that she saw Jackson on the set. “Someone asked Rampage Jackson for an autograph and didn’t have a pen — I was scared for him.”

According to MMA Bay, the lightweight title fight between B.J. Penn and Diego Sanchez will replace Jackson-Evans.

So anyway, we have a majorly-hyped UFC showdown going down the tubes because one of the participants wants to film a movie (most likely a crappy TV remake movie at that). And just when I thought that UFC had turned the corner: Randy Couture recently signed a deal for a clothing line with Nike.

“I was just with a bunch a guys from Nike. It was pretty cool, pretty interesting,” Couture said. “They are pretty jazzed about the sport [of MMA]. It was very cool.”

Nike is known for signing top sports figures to represent the brand, including the likes of Michael Jordan, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. Nike’s signing of Couture would be yet another in a string of major recent boosts for MMA.

If that’s a major boost, and it is, the Jackson pullout is a major punch in the head. Especially following this: