Blogz: Rampage’s Shredded Tires Can Be Yours!

• Remember Quinton Jackson’s little vehicular Rampage on Tuesday? Well, CAGE TODAY catches someone on Craigslist trying to sell pieces of the UFC fighter’s shredded tires.

Rampage Jackson shredded tire

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS keeps it rocking in their interview with MLB hurler-turned-punk band troubador Scott Radinsky.

• Besides HGH shipping receipts for Roger Clemens, FOOD COURT LUNCH investigates what else Kirk Radomski found underneath his broken TV set.

• RED SOX MONSTER learns that even the ASSOCIATED PRESS isn’t giving Dan Uggla a break from his “uggly”All-Star performance.

• THE SLANCH REPORT is surprised that billion-dollar stadiums built these days - like the Colts’ new home - would still have obstructed-view seats.

• BRAHSOME is faster than a speeding bullet in presenting their baseball lineup featuring superheroes.

• For the third straight year, MONDESI’S HOUSE has the casting couch ready for “The Pittsburgh Pirates: The Movie“.

• When it comes to the Midseason Classic, I’M WRITING SPORTS believes that what isn’t broke doesn’t need fixing.