Blog-O-Rama: Friedgen Almost Pulls A Mike Gundy

• STET SPORTS BLOG catches Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen almost pulling a Mike Gundy after a close win over Delaware.

Ralph Friedgen in golf cart

• WALKOFF WALK hurls up word that Todd Rundgren’s son is playing for the Dodgers’ Triple-A team in Vegas. (For those wondering who the heck Todd Rundgren is, he’s the guy that did that “Bang On The Drum All Day” song.)

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT doesn’t know what to say, as researchers discover that watching sports can make you a better speaker.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE isn’t so pleased with everyone jumping to conclusions about Richard Collier’s character, just because the Jags lineman was shot in a drive-by attack.

• In celebration of Chad Johnson’s rechristening as Chad Ocho Cinco, THE ANGRY T offers up other instances of athletes sporting a new name change.

• THE COASTER pitches up news that someone in New Jersey is pretending to be Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain, and is scoring some free food out of the scam.

• CHICAGO BULL laments that their baseball town has become the City of Big Shoulders - And Tired Arms.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH details how one innocent fun night out can turn your fantasy football draft into a nightmare.

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