Deeds That Won’t Earn You A Trip To Leavenworth

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE writes up about Raiders player Jarrod Cooper - who could be seen as the anti-Michael Vick.

Raiders' Jarrod Cooper with dog

Cooper has been volunteering at the Oakland Animal Shelter, helping care for abused animals. Since he’s with the Raiders, you’d assume his visits were part of some mandated community service. But Cooper comes on his own accord, as a animal lover who wants to do his part for our four-legged friends.

And it was steroids that brought him to his dogged work.

At the beginning of the season, Cooper was serving a 4-game suspension for testing positive for the banned substance. To pass his time, he began showing up at the shelter to offer any help he could. Now he says he’s “stuck” on the place, sometimes not coming home until 8 p.m.

And it’s not just time he’s spent at the shelter. Cooper has personally paid for new outdoor kennels that allow dogs to spend more time outdoors, without having to wait for volunteers to take them out.

Cooper believes his help with animals has helped himself become a better person: “You do lose your way once you’re in the NFL for a while. Your sense of reality starts to get a little skewed….And this place just kind of put me back in the real world. Helping people, it just kind of opened me up, made me have maybe a little more feelings. Kind of the Grinch syndrome.”

Michael Vick Chew Toy

Maybe Vick can right some wrongs by donating some of his recovered bonus money to Cooper’s cause.

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