Raiders’ Hall Will Put Up $70 Mil On Vick Behaving

OK, Michael Vick is leaps and bounds better than JaMarcus Russell. He may even be a decent guy, at least in his interactions with species of a non-canine persuasion. But how desperate do the Oakland Raiders have to be for a quarterback that they’re already campaigning for him to be starting behind center next year?

Michael Vick

(At least we know he looks good in Raiders colors.)

It’s one thing to voice support for a friend and former teammate. It’s another entirely to peg your contract to a felon making it on the outside. While Vick can throw a mean spiral, nobody can throw good money after bad like cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who’s willing to put up his $70 million contract as collateral that Vick won’t get into trouble with the law if the Raiders sign him.

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“I’ll put in my contract the same stipulations or whatever, man,” Hall told the newspaper. “I know anytime something like this happens, you wake up and smell the roses. After talking to Mike, he definitely knows what’s happening. He has a family, kids, a fiancee. He definitely wised up and got those riff-raffs away from him. He knows who his true friends are. He’ll move on and go from there.”

He’s not the only one clamoring for Vick to suit up in the silver and black. Oakland’s receivers are also pretty tired of balls being underthrown by 5 yards, and being hung out to dry over the middle by Russell’s wounded ducks.

Raiders receiver Ashley Lelie said, “You have to sign him, if you’re the Raiders. Trust me, I’ve played against him before. You don’t want him on the other team.”

Personally, I’m not satisfied with the only controversy in Oakland taking place in the front office. I miss the old days of George Atkinson, Jack Tatum and Todd Marinovich. So open that checkbook, Al Davis, for the good name of the Raiders, the once and future thugs.