Raiders Fans vs. Vick Protesters … Watch the Fun

One might think that Michael Vick protesters and Oakland Raiders fans would be natural allies — the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and so forth. But one would be wrong. Animal rights advocates and Raider Nation angrily went at each other outside of the Coliseum on Sunday prior to the Eagles game, almost coming to blows.

Yeah, lost in all the commotion over the Raiders’ unlikely 13-9 victory over Philadelphia, we almost forgot that it was Vick’s first NFL road game since returning from his federally mandated vacation. So the Bay Area group In Defense of Animals had organized a little welcoming committee, with about 30 people on hand to protest Vick’s refusal to visit some of his rescued pit bulls, which are now being rehabilitated by the organization.

It didn’t take long for Raiders fans to butt heads with the protesters, the former arguing that Vick had done his time and deserves to be back in the league. In Defense of Animals contends that Vick has shown little remorse, as evidenced by his recent refusal to visit some of the dogs that had been rescued from his Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting operation.

“I felt that, if he were truly remorseful, the first step toward that is looking your victim in the eye and apologizing,” protester Donna Fong said. “And when he couldn’t even look those dogs in the eye and say I’m sorry, I don’t see any change in the man.”

As you can see, Raider Nation had no shortage of casually dressed hooligans to yell support for Vick.

But the dog lovers had wooden placards that doubled as shields. And also air support:

And MILF support:

Video from KGO-7 TV here.

As for the game, Donovan McNabb was sacked six times for 53 yards, and Vick made a couple of token appearances, threw no passes and had one carry for minus-4 yards. It’s suddenly becoming clear why the Eagles signed Vick. Just kidding, I still have no idea.

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