Raiders Coach Lane Kiffin Quotes ESPN Sportscaster Chris Berman

• That’s why the play the game! The CONTRA COSTA (CA) TIMES catches Raiders coach Lane Kiffin heeding the words of the one and only Chris Berman:

Lane Kiffin Chris Berman

• Even in these crummy Cleveland times, BEST EVER SPORTS TALK finds that Browns coach Romeo Crennel can spout off a zinger or two.

• SIX PACK SPORTS REPORT isn’t pulling the football away from good ol’ Charlie Weis just yet.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS discovers that Mike Gundy wasn’t the only irate head coach after Saturday’s Oklahoma State-Texas Tech game:

Mike Leach Texas Tech coach

• DEADSPIN is ready to kick ice, as they lace ‘em up for the start of the NHL season.

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