Raiders Bracing For Cable’s Arrest; Could Be Soon

Sure, the Raiders’ 29-6 loss to the Texans was a stinky effort, but I don’t think their coach deserves to be arrested for it. Oh, wait; Tom Cable may be on the verge of being arrested for his August punchout of assistant coach Randy Hanson. It has nothing to do with the Raiders’ performance on Sunday.

Tom Cable

Jason Cole of YAHOO SPORTS is reporting that the team is scrambling to decide who will take over if Cable is hauled off to jail; and that’s looking imminent. This is probably not unlike the power plays that occurred behind the scenes when a Roman emperor was near death; only in this case, all of the major players are jockeying to avoid getting the job.

It’s a perfect storm of sorts for Cable and Raiders fans, following another Sunday debacle. Word on the street is that Al Davis is ready to press the eject button on Cable regardless, if the Raiders continue their current level of suckitude. Also, the NFL is looking into the situation, and could suspend Cable for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

This could lead to the unprecedented development of an NFL head coach being arrested, suspended and fired all on the same day.

“Everybody is trying to figure out who’s going to take over if Tom isn’t here,” said an assistant coach, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “John Marshall has a lot of experience, he’s probably the guy. But it’s nuts. It’s crazy when you start to really think about it.”

The Napa Valley police have been chewing on this one since the alleged Aug. 5 incident occurred, when Cable is said to have punched Hanson, knocked him against a wall and choked him. They seem baffled by anyone who might insinuate that they are giving Cable preferential treatment because he’s an NFL coach; although in their defense, Hanson only recently came forward to formally press charges.

Commander Andy Lewis declined to discuss the matter, but defended the progress of the investigation even though no arrest had been made in nearly two months.

“I’m not going to address the case, but it’s not as simple as just making an arrest,” Lewis said. “You don’t know the issues involved with the case.”

So there. Now, some fun facts:

  • Over his four four games, JaMarcus Russell is 43-for-98 for 506 yards and one touchdown, with four interceptions. I think that Todd Marinovich even had better stats than that to begin his first full season as starter.
  • The Raiders are 1-3. Their next three games? At the New York Giants, then home against the Eagles and Jets. Hoo boy.
  • If Cable were fired, would Jeff Garcia come back? How about Rich Gannon? Jim Plunkett?