Raider Asst. Says Kiffin Trying To Sabotage Him

Lost among all the Lane Kiffin hysteria is the strange saga of Oakland Raiders assistant Randy Hanson, who reportedly was suspended earlier this season by Kiffin and subsequently ostracized from the coaching staff. According to Hanson, Kiffin is trying to run him off and has lied about his mental state and physical condition.

Randy Hanson and Lane Kiffin

All the while, Hanson comes off as a guy who’s just a little too intense for his own good. In other words, like the average Raider employee.  Steve Corkran of the CONTRA COSTA TIMES got Hanson’s side of the story, and it’s just a tad different than Kiffin’s version of events.

Kiffin said after Hanson had a strange outburst following the Raiders’ season-opening loss to Denver that Hanson had some “personal issues” to deal with:

“Randy had some personal issues going on,” Kiffin said Sept. 17, when asked if Hanson had been suspended. “Randy still did some work for us, but he spent some time at home to get some things straight in his personal life.”

That characterization didn’t sit well with Hanson. In fact, he basically calls Kiffin out for lying:

“Oh, (expletive), that ain’t true,” Hanson said, in an interview, of his having any personal issues. “I was fine. I’ve been working late and staying up late. They said that I was tired and this and that. The bottom line is, they’re trying to move me, they’re trying to get me out of the way, is how I feel. They’re just trying to reduce my role and make things a little harder on me.”

The “they” he speaks of seems solely to be Kiffin, as Al Davis supposedly wasn’t even aware of Hanson’s suspension. In fact, the article seems to suggest that Davis supports Hanson’s position on all of this:

Kiffin’s handling of the Hanson incident doesn’t bode well for a favorable outcome. It also bears noting that Davis has a penchant for supporting those most loyal to him and the Raiders. Hanson fits the bill.

“I love being here,” Hanson said. “I love these players. I’m loyal to these players and this team, all right? I’m on the side of the players and the Raiders. And anybody who isn’t on the side of the Raiders, then I’m not with them.”

OK, Hanson’s starting to seem just a little bit creepy now. I’m imagining that his bedroom is painted all silver and black and he stares longingly at a life-sized poster of Davis before he goes to bed each night.

Kiffin has often been portrayed as the voice of reason in all of the disorder unfolding in his vicinity, but this story paints him in a much different light. One that makes him capable of suspending an assistant, allegedly lying about why he did it, then ignoring him after his reinstatement:

Hanson no longer is part of meetings he once presided over or was an integral part of. He isn’t asked to perform the duties he spent all offseason preparing for. He is a coach adrift in a sea of chaos.

Hanson termed it “weird” and “very curious.”

Am I the only one who doesn’t want this whole thing to end? I mean, how boring are the Raiders going to be next week?