Radio Show Cut Short After Fans Jump Colts GM

Tonight the weekly, hour-long local radio show for Indianapolis Colts General Manager Bill Polian was yanked off the air 15 minutes early after Polian endured a steady stream of heated complaints from callers to the show.

Bill Polian Hammered By Radio Callers About Colts Pulling Their Starters While 14-0

The programming was actually abruptly ended in the middle of a comment from yet another caller taking Polian to task for the team’s decision to pull its starters in the third quarter of a 29-15 loss to the Jets yesterday. The defeat snapped 14 consecutive wins for the team to open the season.

Part of the reason for the generally irate nature of the calls was Polian’s refusal to acknowledge that pulling the Colts starters was a bad idea. An idea that he most likely helped implement with first-year coach Jim Caldwell.


“16-0 to us was inconsequential. … It was not something that we felt we owed anyone, our fans included.”

“We could take a poll and ask Colts fans in August if they would be happy with 14-1, most would be happy with that.”

Now you can probably understand why things only got worse as the show went on. (Not coincidentally, the program isn’t archived on the station’s website.)

During my sports radio career, I interviewed Polian several times. He’s always been one of the more media-friendly general managers, so long as you don’t dispute his opinions. That high-profile arrogance finally came back to bite him tonight. Ironic when you consider he’s the steward of one of the most successful NFL franchises of the past decade.