Blogs: Greenberg Doesn’t Want To Hear About Golic’s Past Steroid Use

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING changes the subject, as radio host Mike Greenberg doesn’t want to talk about co-host Mike Golic’s steroid use:

Mike Greenberg Mike Golic

• The SMARTER GADGETS BLOG gives a toast to Prof. Manuel J. Castillo Garzón, who’s concluded that beer is actually better for you than water.• BRUINS NATION hits the rim with former UCLA star Baron Davis taking a verbal shot at Steve Lavin.

• Urine trouble now: STEROID NATION discovers that a Brazilian swimmer had swapped drug test specimens with her doctor.

• HOME RUN DERBY shakes their pom poms for the return of Mexican baseball cheerleaders:

Mexican baseball cheerleaders

• OJ MAYONNAISE holds an open house, as the USC basketball star eventually wants to get into real estate.• RUMORS AND RANTS warns relatives of the Minnesota Vikings not to die during the season, or it’s going to cost your football-playing family.

• The HAMILTON (ONT.) SPECTATOR learns that the CFL stands for Clean Football League, as this year’s Grey Cup is going green.