Radio Host Bitch-Slaps Bloviating Gasbag Fulmer

Dan Le Batard spent the first hour of his radio show today on Miami’s 790 The Ticket complaining on-air to his staff about their booking Tennessee football coach Phil Fulmer as a guest. The Vols are playing Florida this Saturday, and apparently Le Batard’s guest booker, Mike Ryan, thought it a good idea to bring Fulmer onto the show.

Philip Fulmer Gasbag Extraordinaire

Having done sports radio myself for 16 years, I’ve endure my share of interviews with insufferable, bloviating gasbags. And Fulmer is certainly one of those - which is what Le Batard bemoaned before Fulmer came on the air.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard a radio host cry on-air about having to interview a lame guest, but usually once the visit commences, the same host goes into fullblown ass-kiss mode. But to his credit, Le Batard didn’t. In fact, he essentially bitch-slapped Fulmer once the well-fed coach came on the air.

Le Batard never mentioned the UF-UT game, instead asking Fulmer if anyone ever accused him of running up the score, his thoughts on Tommy Bowden’s man crush on Nick Saban and Fulmer’s relationship with Steve Spurrier.

The only thing Le Batard left out was the coach’s thoughts on the notorious Fulmer Cup, which may soon be renamed the Paterno Chalice.

So as you might guess, Fulmer tired of Le Batard’s line of questioning rather quickly and asked the host after about four minutes, “You wanna talk some football?”

Le Batard replied, “not really coach,” and hung up.


You can listen to the audio here.

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