Blog-Some: Milwaukee Racing Sausages Go Skiing

• HOME RUN DERBY feasts on photos & video of the Milwaukee Brewers’ racing sausages going skiing.

Milwaukee Brewers racing sausages go skiing

• FOOD COURT LUNCH loses their appetite, as they see what steroids have done to Tammy Thomas.

• NEWS GROPER thinks it would be fun if Manny Ramirez started a blog.

• 620 WTMJ notes April Fools Day came early in Wisconsin, as a college newspaper reported that Brett Favre was coming back.

• AND WHAMMY catches new ESPN analyst Bob Knight thinking pink.

Bob Knight pink sweater

• THE SPORTS HERNIA finds some new Boston sports shirts that will help clothe third world kids.

• CRASHBURN ALLEY gets to meet Chelsea Clinton.

• DEADSPIN wants to know if you approve of Pat Summerall.

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